Evcon™ Product Warranty Registration

Your Evcon™ Heating And Air Conditioning
Equipment Is Covered

When you register your Evcon™ heating and air conditioning equipment, you ensure complete streamlined access to our outstanding limited warranty program and unparalleled product support team.

Plus, we’ll keep you informed about your specific unit and provide you with useful information on new products that may be of interest in the future.

Registration is easy. All you need is your Evcon™ product Model and Serial Numbers. Click on the button below to get started.
Register Your Evcon™ Equipment

Johnson Controls® has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit about its copper evaporator and condensor coils, purchased between January 1, 2008 and March 15, 2017. You can obtain information about the settlement at www.jccoppercoilsettlement.com.
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